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Dunk… Kerplunk!

Choice of biscuit is always such a tricky one, from the classic custard cream to chocolate hobnobs, they all give an entirely different experience! When doubled up with a cup of tea who really is the reigning champion of lasting the longest? Like a game of Kerplunk, there is always a risk, when is the right time to take the biscuit out? This highly debated topic can cause many arguments when deciding on which biscuits to buy, but if you love having it with a cuppa Wren Kitchens has the answer. 


It’s the one thing you always want to try… but is it worth sacrificing that many biscuits and cuppas?

All lasting a flattering 20 seconds the hobnob caves first…


Maybe circle shaped biscuits are a curse as the others aren’t doing so well either..


The thicker the biscuit the longer it lasts, of course…


But if you are dunking a biscuit for 2 minutes 40 seconds I don’t think you are doing it right…


We just have one question… who dunks a fig-roll?!

9 times out of 10 you will get it just right.. The perfect amount of melty biscuit. You know it’s going to be delicious and it doesn’t disappoint. But then sometimes, you mis-judge the whole process, or get distracted and that’s it… KERPLUNK. You’ve lost your biscuit and you’ve ruined your tea.  However, if you do get it right it is perfect and your biscuit melts in your mouth, you try to enjoy the rest of your brew and then the crumbs start to hit your lip…..urgghhh, best make a fresh one!

When you dunk your biscuits in your tea and it falls in the mug so you sit there wondering why you did it in the first place…

Whether you’re tired, hungover, feeling ill or just generally just looking to spice up your cuppa, there really is only one option! Dunk your fave biccy and hope that it doesn’t Kerplunk.

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