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The Inevitable Office Flu ?

As the clocks go back, the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. The office cold is starting to creep in. Once one person gets ill you’re all done for! It starts with a runny nose next thing you know you are counting down the minutes until you can have another lemsip. But no amount of lemsip and paracetamol can help, and you can’t even go home to save everyone else getting ill because they already are.

The office is a breeding ground for germs, especially when you have that one person who needs the air con on at all times. It’s 12 degrees outside but it’s 6 degrees inside!! You just can’t win.

Next is your skin, the cold temperature dries your skin out like nothing else. Moisture will be like, “BYE, HUN!!” Your delicate skin will be brittle due to the constant outpour of frozen, recycled air being blasted onto your body.

Someone with poor cough etiquette sits next to you, and you have the unfortunate pleasure of watching the splatter of germs spread on their computer screen. One person sneezes, next thing it’s like the dominos effect. One sneeze after another, next thing your whole row are sneezing in harmony.

Your hand sanitizer and hand lotion is at an all time low, time to restock, can I claim this back on expenses?

Or you are that weird lucky person who just laughs at everyone else and never actually gets ill?

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