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Spark + AI Summit Europe – Bring Data and Machine Learning to Life

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The Spark + AI Summit Europe, hosted by Databricks, closed today after 3 days of talks, training sessions and networking events in Amsterdam. As the largest Data and Machine learning conference across Europe all three days were full of inspiring keynote speakers, technology tips and forecasts along with focused meetups.

This year's focus:

2019 saw a focus on building, unifying and scaling data along with open-source and OSS technologies such as;

  • Apache Spark – An open source cluster computing framework

  • Delta Lake – An open source storage layer for data lakes

  • MLflow – An open source to support the end-to-end machine learning life-cycle

  • Koalas – A project to make interaction with big data more productive

  • PyTorch – An open source machine learning library for computer vision and natural language processing¬†

The conference aims to help people at all levels of their career gain a better understanding of the industry, with useful tips that can be integrated into work. These focus points included; the Machine Learning Lifecycle and how to manage it effectively with best practices, how to build a reliable and scalable data pipeline, news and developments within deep learning and machine learning frameworks and more.

Keynote Speakers:

Over the two days of dedicated talks a host of inspirational leaders took to the stage to give talks on all elements of working with tech and specifically machine learning and data. Some of the speakers included;

  • Matei Zaharia – Original creator of Apache Spark and MLflow & Chief Technologist at Databricks

  • Christina Lee – Program Manager 2 at Microsoft

  • Alessio Basso – Chief Technology Architect – PayMe at HSBC

  • Oriol Vinyals – Principal Research Scientist at Google DeepMind

For more information on the three day summit alongwith attendee’s thoughts and information on Keynote talks check out the official website, twitter feed and #SparkAISummit hashtag.¬†

Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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