Byte of Tech – Dan Englishby


Whether you are new to the tech community on twitter or a long standing member we’re sure you’ll know of Dan Englishby. We got the opportunity to talk with Dan and discuss his inspirational platform CodeWall, working within the new normal and life on social media. Hi Dan, we all know you as the Founder […]

Byte of Tech – Penny Hindle


If you follow any of the major tech influencers on social media, then you’re sure to know of Penny Hindle. We got the amazing opportunity to chat with Penny about what it means to be a developer out of University, being an inspiration in multiple tech communities and how social media impacts her career! Hi […]

Byte of Tech: Discussing DevOps with Jon Hammant

Cloud Feature Image

Our recruiter Harriet Mackenzie recently caught up with Jon Hammant, the Head of DevOps at Accenture, to discuss his 2025 predictions, Artificial Intelligence, getting started in the industry and more! Hey Jon, can you please introduce yourself, your role and give us an insight into how you started with Accenture and the technical areas of […]

Byte of Tech: Fintech Q&A with Michael Arnaldi

Computer with a financial graph

Our Contracts Recruiter Dave Henderson recently caught up with Michael Arnaldi, CTO of Fintech start-up CreditSCRIPT. They discussed all things from becoming a CTO to emerging tech and the importance of DevOps. Can you explain your journey from consulting in Italy to becoming a CTO in the Fintech industry In London? I have done some consulting while studying […]

Graduate Q&A: Danielle Billings

Our Software Development Recruiter Hannah Warrenger caught up with Danielle Billings, a recent graduate who has started her first career in tech to find out what her advice would be for computer science students looking to start their career in 2019. Please introduce yourself and give a brief overview about your degree and your current role: I’m […]

Talking Testing with Trish Khoo

As part of my talking Testing blog series I recently caught up with Trish Khoo, experienced software and test engineer who has worked for companies including Microsoft and Google before setting up her own consulting business in Brisbane, Australia in 2016. Please can you introduce yourself and give us a brief overview of your path […]

Talking Testing with Leigh Rathbone

Talking Testing – The impacts to the test ecosystem going Waterfall to Agile with Leigh Rathbone aka @Villabone. Firstly can you please introduce yourself, explain what you do in your current role, and how you found yourself working in the world of testing? I’m Leigh Rathbone (@villabone on twitter), I work at Shop Direct. In […]

Dev Chat with Chris Venturini

Our London recruiter Heather Turnbull recently caught up with Chris Venturini about his journey into software engineering, his advice for new developers and some of the industry sites and blogs he recommends. Chris is a technologist currently managing various teams within the healthcare venture technology space. Formally educated as a 3D game artist, his self-taught […]

A Day in the Working Life of Andrew Richardson!

As part of her Day in the Working Life of series, Charlotte Major caught up with Andrew Richardson, the Head of Digital Marketing at Fujitsu. Read on to find out about his current position, future goals and advice for those trying to break into the industry! Please describe your job: What do you do? I […]

Talking Testing with Alexandra Schladebeck

In the latest edition of Gabbi Trotter’s Talking Testing blog series, Gabbi caught up with Alexandra Schladabeck – Agile Tester, Consultant and Product Owner based in Germany, about her experience within the industry and advice for other budding software testers! ​ Firstly please can you introduce yourself and explain how you got into the world of Testing? ​ […]