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Who’s the Kitchen Culprit?

So… you are slightly early today and you can’t stop thinking about making a lovely hot latte to start your day. A few people have arrived before you, and the coffee machine has been fuelled with the finest Tesco value coffee beans. You choose the least chipped cup from the cupboard and press the magic button…

The kitchen is getting full now and you lose sight of your latte as you make space for the 8.28 brigade. You return to the machine a few moments later to find 18 used tea bags plonked on the worktop, no clean spoons and a single discoloured granule of sugar. GOOD MORNING!

Tweet - Teabag and Spoon

You might write a passive aggressive office email saying “Could everyone just make sure they are leaving all used teabags on the side, as they definitely live there” knowing full well your misplaced frustration never reaches the culprit. “Who, me? I haven’t drank tea all day…”

You come back for a 11 o’clock coffee but the surface is sticky from the morning rush and even you get dragged in by the curse of putting the tea bag in the sink and the tea spoon in the bin!

Tweet - Lack of Silverware

It’s finally lunchtime, you quickly race to get to the microwave before there is a queue of about 15 people and you have to wait, you can hear your stomach rumbling but people are whacking their food in for 6 minutes?! Now their Tupperware is too hot to grab, adding unnecessary time and causing havoc. You can see the front of the queue but then that one person whips out the fish, surely not? They reach for the microwave, your office has officially become a fishmongers.

Tweet - Microwaving fish
Tweet - Microwaving Fish
Tweet - Random acts of Evil

Lunch ends and all that’s left is the smell of fish, eggs and resentment. As you sit back at your desk, you wonder how your state of mind will be diverted back to your pre-lunch time anticipation.

Tweet - Dirty Dishes

Will you ever catch the kitchen culprit? No.. as there is always more than one.

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