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Welcome  to Tech Factor! A monthly celebration of Hollerings’ favourite and most engaging tweeters.

Each month will focus on a different sector of the Digital and IT industry to showcase the most talented influencers on Twitter.

This month we have a our top selection of up and coming influencers who are beginning to make waves the tech sphere and tweeting as they go…

Simon Wiffen is the brains behind Northern Contrast, a web development company helping redesign and redefine struggling websites! You can find them on twitter here.

With a compact following of over 1000 followers Simon creates content for more than just the techs out there, producing breathtaking photography!

We think you will love the combination of Simon’s passion for being a business owner, developer, photographer and family man.

David Simpson is a Senior Developer and Solutions Architect from Nottingham who is currently working at the business and integrations organisation AppFusions.  

Producing a refreshing mix of content on all tech and science, David has a following of nearly 1500 followers!   

David is a former scientist and has multiple degree’s, so if your’re looking for comprehensive information that you can trust, he’s the man for you!    

James Wright is a Software Developer at YLD with 1.5K followers!

James has previously worked for some well-known companies like Sky, Channel 4 and Net-A-Porter, gaining a lot of experience in the tech world! He regularly speak’s at Manchester meet-ups to influence other tech lovers!

 Above all you will love James’ clear feed that highlights both the community and working elements to being a development.

Each of the above tech influencers are starting to build up a clear presence in the tech industry. We highly recommend that you get following them now!

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