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Tech Factor – Testing vs Development Month

Welcome to Tech Factor! A monthly celebration of Hollerings’ favourite and most engaging tweeters.

Each month will focus on a different sector of the Digital and IT industry to showcase the most talented influencers on Twitter.

This month we have tweeters from both testing and development…

Meet @TesterFromLeic

This account is held by Vernon Richards a Tester from Leicester, so he does exactly what it says on the tin! Vernon currently  has 2.8K followers and goes to multiple meetups to interact with those other tech lovers!

You will love his mix of testing anecdotes and real-life experiences of working in the IT industry.

Meet @DanAshby04

Our next account is held by enthusiastic Software Tester Dan Ashby, who also happens to be the Head of Testing at eBay in London. With 3.7K followers he engages with the tech community and is very techie considering his role of HoT!

Dan creates his own regular content on his blog and podcast where like-minded individuals gather to discuss the latest testing news! 

Meet @akrabat

This account is held by Rob Allen a Lead Developer at Slim Framework! He has a whopping 13.9k followers. Rob creates content on more than just twitter with a development focused blog.

Rob is also an Author and a conference speaker with a specialism for solving problems with API’s in swift, OpenWhisk and PHP.

Meet ​@ReactDom

This Twitter page has a staggering 11.2K followers and discusses the latest development news. The page also has a Newsletter created by @_adeeb.

The page also provides tutorials and code snippets in ReactJS, but this is just a preview of the educational content available on the full website.
We strongly recommend that you follow all of the above feeds along with their many other content outlets if you are looking to get a better insight into the testing and development sectors.

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