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Take the best tech to University

Back to school season is here, so what better way to be prepared than to stock up with the latest tech.

From writing your school work to listening to the best music on your commute, you need to be hooked up with the latest gadgets. Here’s what you will need to survive your year of College or University…

1. WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable

Always struggling for room on your laptop? Well here is the answer, especially with those extra long dissertations and masses on random documents you have to download. The only downside would be the price range at £48 on Amazon, which can be very steep for a student – we all know you would rather spend your money on something a little more fun…

2. Anker PowerCore 20100

At University, you will constantly be on the go from travelling home to your lectures, you definitely don’t want your phone to die! This power pack is as light as a can of soup you won’t feel it in your bag, especially when you know it can charge an iPhone 8 almost 7 times.

3. Evernote

This is something that I had never heard of in University but definitely wish I had. Evernote is a free app that allows you to jot down lecture notes, lists and timetables to keep everything in a seamless entity. A great addition to this app is that it has a camera feature built in, so you can scan, digitalise and organise notes or drawings. The perfect solution for if you need to draw a diagram but combine it with the notes you have typed up.

4. Ember Temperature Control Mug

Right here is an option if you are absolutely obsessed with coffee and could spend a lot of your student loan on one item. Imagine a coffee cup that also has an app connected to your phone…l well here is the future – Ember Mug. You will be able to set your exact drinking temperate, track your caffeine consumption, save presets for your favourite drinks, customise an LED colour and much more. Charging your mug seems like a strange futuristic concept, but if it keeps your drink perfect for an hour then I’m not complaining.

5. Apple MacBook Air

Assuming you will most probably have a laptop prior to College or University, if not then I would fork out or possibly get another loan for this laptop. Majority of your hours will be spent on your laptop doing work if you aren’t in the pub, so why not purchase something that will carry on working for the next 10 years. An Apple MacBook Air, it’s a lightweight technology that you will almost forget is in your bag, you could even take it out with you after the library…

6. Kensington Combination Ultra Laptop Lock

The horror stories of people going out and coming back to their house to everyone’s laptops being stolen. This lock will attach to your chair leg and then into your laptop, so unless the thief wants a table as well then it isn’t going anywhere. This one is £23, but there are ones that price at £2 – we just don’t know how reliable they are… 

7. Gadget insurance

With all of these gadgets surely you need insurance. Protect your bubble is an insurance company designed for students, so you don’t have to call your mum and try to explain that time you played beer pong at the same table as your laptop or when you left your in the taxi…

8. Tribit XSound Go

Surely you can’t start University without a speaker? Pre-drinks will never be the same once you purchase this bluetooth speaker. At a pretty reasonable £27.99 its 24 hour battery life is a perfect addition to get you ready for your night out or a non stop party! It is also waterproof so need to worry if your friend spills a pint of vodka lemonade, apart from the sticky after effect.

9. Tile Mate key finder

Are you that one person who is constantly losing something? Attach Tile Mate keyring to your keys and you can locate the whereabouts on your iPhone app. It also works in reverse effect as if you have your keys but no phone you can hit a button which will make your phone ring even if its on silent. Genius! 

Except if you lose both, then you’re on your own… Unless you bought the insurance!

Written by: Leah Cottham

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