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Summer of Spotify powered by AI

Summer is the prime time to have your best playlists lined up for those holidays and sunbathing on the beach or BBQ parties. Spotify is the largest on-demand music service application today with over 219 million users. Now it is pushing boundaries using Big Data, AI and Machine Learning to drive success. 

Spotify is a data driven company with millions of users listening to music every minute of the day. This data includes most listened to songs, most enjoyed genre and even what device they are listening on, allowing Spotify to create an image of you as a user and give you the best experience possible.

Discover weekly is a concept that Spotify have created that uses AI to give each user their own individual playlist of music. It consists of songs they have never listened to but assumes they will like given their recent song/genre choices. This playlist can be pulled together by using another person’s data who has liked-minded music choices, if this individual has listened to a particular song then gone onto listen to something else it will put this into the playlist.

Spotify has already created an app that only artists can use that creates an abundance of data about the people listening to their music. Cleverly, this app looks at the playlists that are generating new fans and how many people are streaming their songs overall. Spotify’s new app allows musicians to analyse while on the move in their tour bus and even the geographical streaming can allow them to shape their performance accordingly and pick certain songs. Artists can also manipulate their profile by changing their bio and posting playlists, demonstrating how Spotify is making a clear attempted effort to empower artists. Creating a process called Fans First, this system allows passionate fans to gain access to special offers, including unique merchandise or presale gig tickets before anyone else!

Back in 2017, Spotify bought start-up Niland to assist with music personalisation and recommendations. Niland’s API-based product and machine learning software provides users with a better search experience to help them discover songs they will enjoy. Spotify also acquired the blockchain startup Mediachain to help connect artists and licensing agreements with the tracks on Spotify. They are constantly expanding and connecting with data focused companies to create the best experience for its users.

Francios Pachet, french scientist and expert on music that is created by AI joined the Spotify team in an attempt to “focus on making tools to help artists in their creative process”. Spotify emphasised the way they used AI with their data to create better experiences by printing out headline ads and putting them around cities.

Although some people thought this was abusing the privacy policy, unsubscribed and took their opinions over to social media, you can’t please everyone? With the power of AI and machine learning Spotify looks like it’s technology will continue to build and only go upwards from here.

By Leah Cottham.

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