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Shocking supermarket sweeps

Rows of Supermarket shelves

With each supermarket comes different trials and tribulations. No two shopping experiences are the same. You’ll go to Aldi for the price and convenience which is always a bonus, but you come to the checkout and you’re faced with friendly cashiers… So what’s the problem here?

You forgot the cashiers actually have bionic arms and work at super speed! You can’t keep up with their sheer pace and are watching your lasagne get thrown down the scanner whilst you’re still figuring out the best placement of bread in the bag. However, the unwritten rule of Aldi is that you must never bag by the till area, trust me you just don’t want to.

Suddenly, it’s time to pay and your items have piled up on the till while a queue of 5 angry customers are wondering why you’re so incompetent. You pay, and are defeated as you see how much shopping you can fit in your arms to take to the bagging counter at the side.

Speed Packing at Aldi

Adventuring to the supermarket in the summer in your shorts and t-shirt, even if it’s 30 degrees outside is a no go because as soon as you enter the freezer aisle you may as well be in the tundra. Forget about frozen peas, you’ll get them another day when you’ve brought a jumper.

Going in the freezer isle during summer

If you’re 25 and over, don’t assume you’ll be getting away with getting alcohol without showing any form of ID, I swear Barbara is some kind of undercover bouncer, a job she has always wanted to pursue but Sainsburys got the better of her. 

Especially in your local, you recognise all the cashiers and they recognise you.. You engage in small talk and they scan your wine “ID Please” I WAS HERE YESTERDAY! AND THE DAY BEFORE, not that i’m an alcoholic or anything…

Getting ID'd because you have no makeup on
Getting ID'd for redbull

Self checkout – probably one of the best or worst creations of the century. Perfect if you’ve ran the shop for a quick loaf of bread and some milk. But if you’ve got a shopping basket, then best of luck!

Big shop at self checkout
Being a professional scanner

Stupidly you decided to get some free roaming apples, finding these in the search part of the till is going to be tricky but not to worry its a capable task. Until you pop them down in the basket area, “Unexpected item in bagging area” “PLEASE WAIT FOR ASSISTANCE”, you give Mary about 3 minutes until she has finally finished gabbing with Susan about her dog chewing her slippers and at last, the item has been authorised.

Hate self checkout
Unwanted Item in the bagging area

Next time you’ve gotta do a big food shop maybe consider an online shop, it makes a whole lot of sense!

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