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Printer probs

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With your word doc open you press print and stay to double check it… tentatively you get up from your seat and begin the walk to the printer. You get all the way down the stairs and across to the printer but to your dismay there are no signs of printing. It must be done you think, but no, there is nothing in the tray. You check the screen and yes, there is an error!!!

If you’re sat next to the printer there is no getting away from it. A beeping noise, a jam or even no paper, you will always be the first to be consulted. Of course if there is an error message who better to ask? Somehow by being placed near the printer you know what each exact warning message means. Your colleague comes over to you “Do you know why it hasn’t printed?”, yes Carol that’s probably because you didn’t actually press PRINT in the first place! Do I look like first line support?

Or the paper jam warning, when there definitely isn’t. You follow the simple instruction “Pull the paper gently out of the output tray to remove the paper jam” so you do… and guess what? There is STILL a paper jam. You close the drawer and turn it off and on again, the warning message has disappeared… the simple on/off trick can never go wrong.

It’s even harder trying to fix the printer when there’s four people stood around it… I thought the water cooler was the cliche spot to have a catch up? It’s all fun and games having a chat around the printer until you realise everyone’s printing out what looks like their debut novel. It gets to your turn finally and oh wait we’re out of ink… Your printer pals have gone back to their desks and you really hope their documents were worth it. Of course they weren’t, Neil was just printing out his Ryanair boarding passes for his whole family.  It’s not like you were in a rush or anything!

There is always that one extra helpful person who moves the print outs. They take literally every page and walk around the office until they find the most obscure place to hide them. So you walk back to your desk, press print again and see your original copy poking out in the stationary cupboard? Is this a joke?

Printers may eventually disappear with the love of saving the planet being a need more than a want, will we ever become paperless or do we just love printing a little too much?

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