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Office Noise – The Breakdown

Nobody likes a noisy neighbour, and the same applies in the workplace. So, why do colleagues think it’s ok to eat Kettle hand cooked crisps with their mouth wide open? The crunch of an apple, the bark of laughter or sounds of sniffling and coughing can activate feelings of anger or irritation among employees.

When measured people chew to a whopping 70 decibels!! With Frazzles hitting a massive 79.2 decibels  – you do not want these as your office snack. Just try to suck your hula hoops until they disintegrate because you don’t want to be noisy or give away your snacks.

I suppose it depends on the industry but some people perform better in total silence – others would would complain about it being like an exam situation (I know I would!!).

The Chatter

There’s no denying it everyone loves an office gossip or chat, especially on a Monday morning. There’s always that one person that takes everything a little too far… “OH HI SUSAN DID YOU MANAGE TO GO TO THE SHOPS AND SEE YOUR MUM ON SATURDAY?” No one cares!

The Pen Clicker

Are they concentrating on something or are they just trying to really really just trying to annoy you.

The Human Megaphone

Yes we can hear you, you are trying to get business or talking to a very important client. But seriously, do we really need to hear every single word of your conversation? I can assure you we definitely do not.

The keyboard warrior 

Fast typing on a keyboard – Either you are very angry and are starting to write an angry email or have fake nails on – either or, both can be very agitating. 

The Alarm Burden

Mobile phones chiming and ringing – annoying ringtones and alarms that you already faced this morning you do not want to face again.

The Contaminator

Coughing and sniffling – in winter this is a prominent office noise, people don’t even attempt to solve their cold but just cough and splutter everywhere – just stay off or at least cover your mouth!

The Sing-a-long Sally

Whistling and singing along to the music – to an extent a little office choir sing-a-long doesn’t go a miss, but there is always that one person that knows every word to every song, especially Whitney Houston’s heart will go on. Please just save that for the shower.

If you get agitated by almost everything you may even have Misophonia which is a mysterious, newly recognised disorder in which certain everyday sounds can trigger extreme anxiety, rage or panic.

Well if only there was the working from home option – your own music, perfect volume, only have to listen to your own crunching…..

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