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Messy desk

It’s always the people with the messy desk that say it means they are a genius, but I beg to differ! As it’s the start of april, we all know what that means, time for a spring clean. You come into work ready to create a zen space where productivity flows and ideas are generated but you’re confronted by mounds of paper and other unknown items. It wasn’t this bad when you left last night, surely?

desk and life

This means one thing making the most out of the absurd discoveries you are about to come across. Whether it’s picking out a rogue barbecue sauce pot you insisted you needed from McDonalds to “save for later”, or a Christmas card from the colleague who left two years ago that you’d “always stay in touch with”, it all just needs to go! Deciding what to bin and can be a struggle, are you really going to use three novelty mouse mats you got from that conference you went to last year and forgot about?

Post-it notes are another battle all together, some are still stuck down, some have fallen and drifted to the corners of your desk. The sticky bits are no longer sticking and have amassed a sea of dust. You should just throw them all away, but what if it was important? So important that it needed to be written down immediately.

You finally get to the bottom of all the unused papers, random birthday cards and 6-month-old sandwich box when you find the coffee that was spilt 3 weeks ago has stained the entire counter and created a sticky mess that even Mrs Hinch would struggle with!

So you’ve finally done it, the desk is clean. You feel rejuvenated and buy yourself a load of new stationary as a treat. You have never felt so organised, but let’s be honest it will be back to mounds of unnecessary paper again in a week…

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