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Make your CV the best it can be

CV writing can subdue to becoming a monotonous task that everyone hates. Quickly putting together a file that represents your career history and firing it out to multiple companies is probably not the best way to go about things. What if you changed the whole concept of your CV to an exciting document that you couldn’t wait to get into and change all the time to keep it up do date? 

Here we have some of the top CVs

Omondi Abudhi is an art director who is particularly well known for his photography and his “outside the box” CV. He got the idea from when he used to box “Java Coffee, one of Kenya’s best, to be exact.”

The concept of the box is that is could actually be cut out and created into a box, with creative “nutrition” facts which outlined his skills and experience.

Phillippe Dubost a Web Production Manager has managed to create an Amaz-ing website, making it look like an Amazon page. His creative CV got over 1.5 million views whilst on his job search, eventually resulting in over 150 job offers and now a role as a Tech Product Manager at New York startup Birchbox.

This SWEET CV is from marketing professional Nicholas, he created a CV on a chocolate bar which looked like the ingredients of his “ResumeBar” with the creative tagline “Credentials that  satisfy any organization’s appetite”. Costing $2 to custom produce, let’s hope his job he ended up getting covered the cost of the Cvs he created!

If you were to apply to a cereal factory as a graphic designer then you have definitely hit the nail on the head with this CV. Vick has also used the ingredients and nutritional side of the box to explain his strengths and skills.

My personal favourite CV is an interactive CV by Robby Leonardi a designer and tech enthusiast. He has created a game-like resume that allows the user to travel through certain worlds and found out career related information about him. Here is a screen recording of when I explored Robby’s interactive CV.

Written by: Leah Cottham.

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