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Is there anything worse than being late?

Cars in city

Being late? Is there honestly anything worse!

It all starts off with you leaving bang on time or even that littlest bit early, you had a small bit of traffic but it’s over very quickly and is only due to a traffic light. You swiftly get a long and hit a long row of traffic that you can’t physically see the end of.

So you’ve been in this queue for over 15 mins and crawled less than 1 mile.. You’ve made eye contact with the people around you far too many times and it’s all getting a bit too intense to sing along to the radio. But you keep crawling along… and wait… you start picking up a little bit of speed… WOW you might even get into second gear. You can see something on the hard shoulder in the distance… it must be a big crash, surely? 

Of course, it’s just a man, sat in a broken down car, minding his own business and everyone was rubbernecking!! Try explaining that one to your boss.

And look it really does happen…

This is just by car don’t even get me started on public transport!

You think you have had the hardest time but you don’t have to rely on public transport, for those who do, they envy the fact that you are stuck behind Ned who hasn’t realised the light has changed to green 20 minutes ago and is too busy singing along to his favourite West Life album. You don’t have to sit next to Pete who skipped breakfast so has decided to crunch on a pack of cheese and onion walkers instead at 7.38am!

Buses are usually super early and you see them fly past you before you have even got to the bus stop or you wait 5, 10 even 25 minutes for the bus driver to still expect you to pay £5 for a single to end up standing for the entire journey. At this point you just ask yourself, why didn’t I get a taxi?

I guess I don’t really mind buses but trains what is that about? If you’re travelling Northern Rail then good luck… Forget being home to make dinner by 6, you’ll be eating yet another expensive Upper Crust standing home on the train with the lights out. Reports of ruined Friday nights, no train drivers and dirty or broken train seats is just the start of #NorthernFail, and yet train prices are still going up?!


Just look at the train in Japan, they can get their trains to arrive and leave with all passengers accounted for within seconds of the correct time… but try to get on a British train and any change in the weather can have you delayed by hours, a gust of wind, a layer of ice or even an unusually sunny day and the train lines suddenly cant cope!!

It’s time for a change, but trust me it won’t be happening anytime soon!

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