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Innovative institute of technology in Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes was chosen as the government’s new Institute of Technology, being the 8th city in the UK for technical innovation and number 1 for startups outside of London. The Institute of Technology is a type of university or college which belongs to higher education and specialises in technology, applied science and natural sciences, aimed at giving millennial’s an alternative to University. In today’s day and age it has become apparent that more and more colleagues are forcing the idea of University onto the younger generation, but what if we don’t want to go to University?

institute of technology
Institute of Technology, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.

Across the country the government are setting up 12 new centres, worth an overall funding of £170 million, to provide those individuals who are excelling with the training and support in STEM. Specifically for people with technical qualifications this training will aid the gap between the demand of technical and digital oriented roles, such as cyber security. Aiding these people with such programmes will give them the skilled workforce they need for the future.

Milton Keynes’ College, based in Bletchley Park, was where the code breakers of WW2 worked in secrecy and they aim to replicate these historical technical skills in this revolutionary building. Principal Dr Julie Mills is very excited about this new institute and has said that her…

“Focus is now set on delivering an Institute that will give young people the opportunity to become the digital leaders of the future. The Institute will provide them with a clear path to a great career and employers with the skilled workforce they need.”

These institutions are set to open in September this year and will help the outdated perception that University is the only desirable option for the younger generation.

“Education is key to opening up opportunity for everyone - but to give our young people the skills they need to succeed, we need an education and training system which is more flexible and diverse than it is currently"

Prime Minister, Theresa May Tweet

With collaborations such as KPMGMicrosoftEvidence Talks and Activate Learning this innovative institute will give thousands of students the opportunity for something a little different and increase the skill shortage in the fintech sector.

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