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How AI is helping Dementia and Loneliness

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Image from Alzheimer’s Society

With technology taking over almost every element of our lives, it can be easy to take for granted its transformative power. In support of Dementia Action Week, it is time to champion the positive changes that artificial intelligence and assistive technology can make.

Assistive technology can be used on a practical level both inside and outside the home. These technologies can be used to automate elements of daily life, to help to maintain a person’s sense of independence, improve communication and increase safety.  

Devices can include:

  • Automated voice prompts – these can be scheduled by time or based on movement.
  • Medication dispensers.
  • Location devices – these can be for individual items or to help someone stay aware of their location.
  • Communication aids – this can be in the form of apps or pre-programmed phones.

You can find out more about all the assistive technology that is approved and recommended through Alzheimer’s Society.

More mainstream technology, such as Amazon Echo devices can also help in supporting independence. By having an Alexa set up in their home, people are able to set up multiple automations and receive information quickly and easily.

Some of the helpful features include:

  • Setting reminders – these can be used to prompt everyday tasks such as remembering to take medication or to go shopping.
  • Listening to audiobooks – allowing people to engage with literature will promote their creativity and imagination.
  • Staying up to-date with news – this allows people to stay in touch with current affairs and feel part of society.
Amazon Alexa

You can find more practical ways to use Amazon Echo devices from The Helping Home.

Artificial Intelligence is also making strides when it comes to preventive technology. Although there is no know cure for dementia, the use of AI has been able to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s years before the diagnosis.

The Alzheimer’s Society says that AI is the key to a break through in dementia research.

You can find more information about Dementia Action Week and how to get involved on the the Alzheimer’s Society page.

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