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Here’s a moan about the office phone

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I don’t know about you but my work desk phone is the bain of my life!

Forever answering everyone else’s calls and never getting any calls that are actually meant for me! But are you unknowingly guilty of annoying the rest of the office? … Stop ignoring YOUR work phone & giving others a glare that says ‘are you going to get that’?

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You decide to stay in for lunch as you are a broke ass b**** and as soon as everyone leaves thats it RIIINNNNGGGG RRRIINNNNNGGGG. You quickly run short on post-it notes and your microwave meal is cold! There is always that one person who goes out for their lunch and misses a call by a millisecond.

Transferring through calls

You’re ready for a productive day, a bit of silence is all you need to get a few jobs done. Oh wait, the newbie starts having an hour long conference call 2 seats down from you… That’s it you’re distracted! Now you spend the next hour wondering what training session they are involved in, good luck getting back in the zone…

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You make a call and their ringtone is beeping for 10 minutes, you begin to curse them “Why can’t they just answer the phone!!”. The next thing you know they answer, why’s this always the case…

It’s the one time that you’ve been waiting for a specific call, from the most important person you will speak to all day. Ring Ring.. but someone else manages to grab it before you, NO IT’S NOT YOUR CALL!!! Don’t panic it should be an easy transfer, any second now your direct line will ring and you’ll get your call. The minutes are going by and still nothing… what are they doing?!

Down the stairs they come – ‘Oh hi, this hiring manager called for you with an important message he said that he’ll be free for you to call back in one working week between 9 and 9.05’. Is office violence acceptable now or..?

Not sure about anyone else’s phones, but ours are connected to the internet so once in a blue moon all the phones go down its a modern day WW3.

Whilst we may have left it to last, the absolute worst thing about desk phones are how loud people speak. Who are you even talking to that you need to shout THAT loudly. Or worse still, that colleague who uses speaker phone as they dial just to walk away on a head set and make sure everyone in the office hears their conversation!!

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