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Whether you’re going away for a weekend or 2 weeks, packing is always the most stressful part. You start by making a list – checking it twice – are you willing to pay the Ryanair extra price?

The outfit for the airport is the first port of call, you’ve got to be comfy but also adaptable to whatever temperature you are going to be faced with when you come off the plane. Taking a jacket is the obvious answer because that air con on the plane is actually ridiculous but you don’t want to have the burden of lumping it round the airport on the other side when you arrive in 40° heat.

Adapters – Now this is one thing that is always left behind, I mean it’s no big deal as they can always be purchased in the airport. Parents always remember these no matter what they probably just don’t remove them from the case… Your first girls/lads holiday and just before you climbed into the transfer bus – “Don’t forget the adaptors” “Well it’s a bit late now mum!!”

To fold or roll, that is the question… I’ve spent years on years youtubing these strange tricks to ensure nothing gets left behind. When packing for the @SearchabilityUK holiday I have rolled and it was definitely a good idea – more space and no creases, well at least that’s what I think until I have to attempt to rent an iron from reception.  


Now packing the necessities, you will pack 40 pairs of underwear or forget them entirely. Let’s just hope you over packed not under packed…

So you finally get to the airport, NO you’ve forgotten to separate the liquids. No clear plastic bag and non to be seen anywhere… You start launching your foundation and aftershave onto the conveyor belt hoping they don’t pull you up on it. Now the body scanner… BEEP BEEP BEEP – You forgot to take off your shoes, which I swear aren’t even metal?

You’re through the other side but now you are faced with the carousel of thousands of suitcases. Everyone ended up going to Primark and getting the same “bright blue case that surely no one else with have”, best of luck! Maybe take a leaf out of this guys book…

And most importantly don’t forget your passport!

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