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Friday Feels

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We all love the Friday Feels but it seems to take a lifetime to get there… here’s what the week really feels like one day at a time!


Let’s be honest, we may as well skip this one because it simply should not exist. At least it goes fast because you spend most of the day catching up on everything you missed on the weekend, well at least you act like you do even though you are probably still hungover from Saturday… 

Every Monday you think it might be better but no each week you are reminded how much you hate this day.

There is always that one person who comes in so peppy and awake, no Sharon I don’t actually care what you did at the weekend I was just being polite.


WHAT EVEN IS THIS DAY?! – This day is fuelled with coffee and catching up on all the stuff you skipped on #%$DAY, but all you do is hate your life and think about friday, how can it seem so far away still. 

You also somehow manage to forget all the food that you were supposed to bring, fab!


Wooooaaaahhhhh we’re halfway there. Wooooaaaah still holding onto my chair… Seriously though it’s like a mini victory when you make it to Wednesday, we are over the hard part and its all happiness from here. You hit your stride today and are working at full pace, knocking emails out in minutes and ticking your to do list off by the minute. 

Some lucky b*****d has booked thursday and friday off and keep saying ‘oh last day for me’…SHUT UP!! We all have to come to work for two more days!


Only 1 more day left and maybe the most productive day in my eyes. Lunch time rolls around and everyone is easing themselves into Friday’s antics.. maybe just one glass of wine at lunch just to get your taste buds going?

You feel like you’re smashing it today and that makes you even more hyped for tomorrow. 


ITSSS FRIYAYYY, what are your plans for this weekend? Everyone in the office is hyped and it’s more than acceptable to have a bev or two at lunch. After lunch everyone is just pretending to work, shuffling around until 5pm hits and you all sprint to the door.

You can taste the freedom and are ready to let loose all weekend!


Your day of complete freedom, forget about work and all the things you should be doing. Whether you’re chilling out or partying with friends this is what you wait for all week!

Do whatever you want, who are we to tell you how to spend your Saturday.


Monday is just around the corner, you have to make a vital decision, get up early and make the most of it or have a lie in and relax. Either way you know you will fall asleep on the sofa and wake up dazed and dreading tomorrow. 

You can try your best to meal prep for the week, get your work lunches sorted, uniform washed dried and ironed but let’s be honest nothing is going to make tomorrow feel good.

Or you can go for the full weekend of fun, go out and carry on drinking and having fun… but at some point in the early hours of the morning it’s going to hit you so hard. Now you’re back in the loop and you’ve just made Monday ten times worse…

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