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Forrest Gump: A quick RUN down of all things UX/UI Design

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As a Designer you are the first port of call for any technical team to get started with a new client or project. However, it can often feel as though no one in the team actually knows what you do?

It’s time for a quick run down of the basics when it comes to UX/UI design!

Designer’s can focus on two main area’s User Experience Design, also known as UX Design and User Interface Design, commonly known as UI Design. Whilst they are often thought of interchangeable practices there is in fact distinct factors.

UX Design

This is the design and creation of products that provide an informed, interactive and most importantly relevant experience for users.

A designer will go through a detailed process to ensure that all the design, layout, function, features and much more are tailored specifically for the target audience.

You can find an even more detailed description of a UX Designers role from The Interaction Design Foundation.

Why What How of UX Design
Image from Interaction Design Foundation

UI Design

A key point to note is that UI Design is a part of UX Design, although it is can also be completed by a separate designer.

The User Interface element of design which focuses on the aesthetic style of the software. A UX Designer will design the layout to look and feel as though the user is finding their way through the product intuitively. A key part of UI Design is building brand recognition with a coherent style.

You can find an even more detailed description of a UI Designers role from The Interaction Design Foundation.

UI as a part of UX Design
Image from Interaction Design Foundation

There are many way to learn more about Design, with blogs being a fantastic source for self taught development. 

Here are some of the best available:

This is the UX Design for InVision, a digital design platform which powers the world’s best user experience. The blog includes design resources, process information, videos, inspiration, UX and UI information.

You can also subscribe to get new content directly to your inbox each week.

A previously standards-based web design platform, this blog has now branched out to include information at all stages of a designer ability. Topics include technical content, design principle and business strategies.

This platform is dedicated to all things customer experience with the aim of ‘creating fewer ruined days for customers’. With much more than just articles available, the platform provides more detailed training resources such as workshops, talks and training.

The perfect platform for designers at a beginner or intermediate level, UX Booth provides articles on every element of UX and UI design, from the starting principles all the way to more complicated processes and the philosophy of design.

A new article goes live every Tuesday so you’ll never be left wanting more.

As one of the most well known platforms, Designmodo creates a range of resources that can help designers and developers alike. You can find inspiration on articles along with coding tips, tutorials and a dedicated design section.

Let us know if you have any other helpful blogs or articles to help other designers.

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