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Female Focused Meetups – The best of the best

As we continue to celebrate upcoming International Women’s Day it’s important to remember that there a national and even global communities of women in the Digital and IT industry ready to meet up with open arms.
Here is a run down of female focused meetups across the UK… we are sure you’ll find one that fits you perfectly!

Ladies that UX

A group founded by two female UX Professionals who noticed a clear lack of female role models in higher rank UX roles. Now spread worldwide there is a group in almost every large UK city ready to provide professional support through informal relaxed meetups.

Cities include: Manchester, Dublin, Bristol, Reading, Brighton, London & NottinghamHow to get involved: Find your local group via their Facebook and go along to the next meetup!


The now well known CodeUp group was originally founded by tech extraordinaire Claire Wicher with the aim of creating a friendly and inclusive learning environment for anyone that wants to learn coding free of charge.
Cities include: North Wales, Chester, Stoke-on-Trent, Stockport, Wigan, Preston, Sheffield, Leeds and many more!

How to get involved: Find your local group on the official website and click to confirm your attendance through Meetup.com

GeekGirlMeetup UK

A Swedish born feminist movement that highlights female role models within the wider tech industry. The organisation provides meetups, talks and collaborations across a range of events, not just GGM events.
Cities include: Events are generally held in London

How to get involved: Keep an eye out for upcoming events on the official events page 

Women of Wearables

Bringing software and hardware into the 21 century as they support women to work within the fashion, health, wearable, VR/AR technology industry. As a global organisation, WoW has members across the world with a workshops and events occurring regularly.
Cities include: London, Paris, Dublin, Eindhoven, New York, Boston, Detroit and many more!

How to get involved: Sign up to the WoW Events and Workshops on the official website and attend the next event that takes your fancy!

Women Who Code

A non-profit founded over in USA with the aim of inspiring women to be represented as equally as men in all forms of the technology industry. Focussing on helping women gain skills, become part of a community and creating role models, WWC is changing the way the women are hired, retained and importantly promoted within companies.

Cities include: Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Berlin and much more across the world!

How to get involved: Find you favourite event through their website and simply register your attendance.

Develop Her

A non-profit organisation with the aim of forging a community of women in technology to create more opportunities, confidence, networks. With all of this happening Develop Her strongly believes that change is on the horizon for the technology industry.

Cities include: Events are generally held in London

How to get involved: To find the latest upcoming events visit their events page.

Inspiring Women in Data Science

A group of ambitious and highly educated women who are part of the wider Data Science community and still striving to be on the cutting edge of future innovation. They aim to have their voices heard whilst encouraging other self-identified women to branch off into a new scope of learning.
Cities include: Meetups are held in London

How to get involved: Find the next meetup and get in touch with founders through Meetup or check them out on Twitter.

Code First – Girls

A not for profit social enterprise that is providing free education to young women across the UK whilst also increasing the proportion of females employed within the tech industry by working one-on-one with companies.
Cities include: Events are predominantly held in London however communities span the country.

How to get involved: You can find more information through their website to find a community that suits you!

Ladies of Code

An international community of female developers that host monthly meetups for other industry experts. This is the perfect meetup for women who are already established within the technical field and want to find like-minded women.
Cities include: Meetups are held across the countries major cities such as London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and more.

How to get involved: Subscribe directly through the official website to receive regular updates. 
Of course there are also many more meetups that cater to Women in technology across the UK that are worth checking out.

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