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Fall in love with your job again

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We’ve all been there, when you first start a new job everything is new, challenging and exciting, you love the new environment and look forward to going into work. Fast forward a couple of years and nothing feels new anymore, you know all the systems like the back of your hand and you can’t remember the last time a project excited you. 

It’s time to fall back in love this Valentine’s day, check out our five ways to make your 9-5 the one again!

Remind yourself of your strengths

After a long time in the same role and company it’s easy to take our strengths for granted. Whether it’s something small like completing a ‘complex task’ without batting an eyelid or being the go to colleague to lead a large project, these wins used to be something that you noticed. 

Make a conscious effort to acknowledge your strengths and successes at all levels and you’ll begin to feel positive towards your role again. 

Showing that you still recognise your value will also empower your employers to bring more positive opportunities your way!

Fix the aspects that you don't like

After several years in the same job it’s only natural to have found a couple of niggles that you don’t like, but rather than focus on how much they annoy you, why not make a plan to improve them?

If the problem is at a personal level, such as your daily schedule or assigned tasks, try to make a plan to minimise your time focused around the activity. For issues on a larger scale, such as flexi-time or pay, you might have to take it to senior management. If you stay focused and clear most employers will recognise your commitment and hard work and try to accommodate your needs! 

Improve your personal environment

Of course you can’t go decorating that whole office and painting walls, but your desk and computer space is all yours, so why not personalise it? Adding in some small items that make you happy will help you feel more calm and productive when you are working. It could be some pictures of your family and friends, a small plant or just some trinkets, but feeling like your desk is truly your space will make you love being there.

Personalised Office

Prepare for the next week

A small but effective way to love your job again is to prepare for the week ahead. There is nothing worse than sitting at home on a Sunday night dreading Monday morning because you left your desk messy, tasks not done and projects at loose ends. 

Try your best to get everything wrapped up before you leave on Friday to ease the Monday morning stresses! You will always have to deal with emails from the weekend so why not make sure that’s all there is to tidy up.

Set yourself a challenge

Remember when you first started your job and almost everything was a learning curve? Give yourself a similar challenge back. By finding an online course, more complex projects or a skill that your company uses that you don’t, you will soon be back in a position where you’re challenged to learn something new. 

Not only will this reflect positively to your current employer and improve your competency now, upskilling will benefit you if you do choose to find a new role in the future.

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Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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