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EdTech: Improving Education with Technology

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Technology is being a key layer to almost every industry, from retail to healthcare and now education. It seems we have always had forms of technology throughout the education system but it’s starting to take a step-up for the good of everyone, but what is EdTech?

What is EdTech?

Simply put EdTech is technology strategies, initiatives, applications or devices that aims to improve the education sector. EdTech is growing area however there is still evidence to show that students are held back by insufficient technology in classrooms nationwide.

The benefits of improving EdTech are two fold; effective learning & improved teaching.

  • Effective Learning: Creating personalised learning to each child that can be supported by resources outside of the classroom environment
  • Improved Teaching: Allowing the use of AI to predict different progression paths for children at different levels

The focus of EdTech can extend across many areas of the education sector rather than just mainstream classrooms. A fundamental area that it can help is within the SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) community of students.

EdTech can provide extra assistance to help children progress through the education system in a traditional way regardless of SEND difficulties.

A competitive market

The EdTech market is progressing each year with more organisations and government schemes being introduced around the world. Global examples include Coursera, Coorpacademy, KaDa Story and Photomath

The rapid creation of such companies and the EdTech technologies creates a tricky balance for schools and whole education systems. It’s crucial that EdTech is taken on board to benefit schools however such technology cannot be tested as a first trial on children.

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Learn more at events

A recent EdTech Explained event took place in Manchester and aimed to answer some of the industries largest questions surrounding technologies place within education. As part of the wider Insights conference, today’s meeting focused on highlighting the champions who are pioneering for change with the wider EdTech sector.

With numerous figureheads as speakers such as BBC’s Christine Bellamy, Supplywell’s Dan Price, Steam School’s Jade Parkinson-Hill and more, the event was able to tackle the industry issues from many different angles. 

Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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