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Does anyone have any snacks?

Plates full of different sweets

You might manage to be healthy all weekend… Just eating your normal three meals a day without a single thought for a snack. But boom! The working week rolls round and suddenly its all you can think about. 

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There is always that one trusted person that brings way too many snacks in you act like you hate them for force feeding you, but secretly you couldn’t think of anything better than having 3 chocolate bars and a whole tub of Pringles before 9am. 

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Then there is that other person that has multi pack of hula-hoops, eats them all without offering one single crisp then with just a little persuasion will hand over the last pack of ready salted hula-hoops, but this is only because no one actually wants them…

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But there is also that one person that absolutely never brings a single snack in yet without fail asks for one everyday. Why do you never contribute!! We are ALL hungry and we ALL want snacks.

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You pack your bag for work in the morning, cereal, fruit and maybe a packet of crisps if you feel like it. It gets to around 11am and whilst you know that you should just hold out until lunch time, all you can think about is a little treat, something to tide you over. Whether its sweet or savoury that takes your fancy, you really need that snack!! By lunchtime, your pasta pot is simply not substantial. “Does anyone fancy a walk?” you think oooo a chance to work off the extra snacks but instead you walk to the sainsburys and spend £20 on reduced donuts, sweet chilli sensations and a ‘diet’ coke, of course.

Let’s be honest snacks are the only way we are all getting through our 9-5 jobs. Without it we would be asleep or killing our colleagues… that reminds me I’m starving does anyone have any snacks?

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