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Distec undergoes a Digital Transformation

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Manchester based solutions provider Distec is set to expand its client base to organisations within hazardous conditions. As a specialist provider of technology solutions, Distec is already a market leader within many industries including healthcare, retail, industrial manufacturing and more.

As the organisation are now taking on new sectors, including organisations working in hazardous areas, by partnering with mobile device manufacturer Pepperl+Fuchs ecom. The new partnership will allow the use of non-combustible technologies solutions in aerospace, biogas, chemicals, mining and oil and gas where safety is paramount.

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Whilst the need for intelligent technology is increasing in every sector, it has never been more important to to have a successful digital transformation in companies that work in dangerous conditions. By including remote working, IoT and autonomous systems the communication between workers is maintained, a key factor in keeping hazardous environments safe.

As a mobile device manufacturer, Pepperl+Fuchs ecom is able to provide ‘lone worker protection’ which increases the safety conditions for workers who are regularly left alone in a hazardous environment. The partnership allows for the reliability and usability of technology to improve for all industries but will make the most difference within hazardous organisations.

The partnership brings ATEX certified products to Distec’s group including some of Pepperl+Fuchs ecom’s market leading explosion proof tablets and safety cellular devices. On a wider scale the allegiance continues Distec’s objective to work with industry leading vendors and provide world-class technology solutions that remain unrivalled in downtime, costs and safety.

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