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Develop yourself at this months #Tech event

Develop3D live

Sheffield’s University is hosting free event called Develop3D Live on the 17th April from 8am, one of the UK’s leading conferences that incorporates design, engineering and manufacturing. It will also look at how you can get your product to reach the people of your industry.

Develop3D will be hosting over 30 inspiration professionals from various industries including designers and technologists who are going to speak and discussion their passion towards their chosen industry. Not only will you be given live demonstrations of the latest gadgets in the tech world, you will be exclusively given the opportunity to test drive brand-new technology and shown how these new inventions can transform working experience. This way you will easily acknowledge the new trends in the tech market before any other competition.

We know that everyone experiences difficult challenges as it is hard to keep up with the latest tech trend when you are considering the design, engineering and manufacturing of your business. So here they will discuss the latest trends, offering prizes and much more!

It doesn’t stop there, of course you can network and socialise with like-minded individuals are are involved with or just generally interested in the tech industry whilst also getting involved with professionals, clients and suppliers worldwide.

So what are you waiting for? Take a stroll down to Sheffield’s University for a mid-week break from work to check the tech out and be immersed in the latest tech trends!

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