Catching the eye of your employer for your first graduate role!

Think outside the box

There is a common misconception that degrees are not always beneficial when trying to land your dream job. Some research shows that graduates still carry a strong advantage over someone without a degree but many companies also value experience over academics. Many graduates are unaware that their qualification is not the only crucial element to […]

Computer Science Degree – THE BIG DEBATE

So, the question that has been discussed for many years, and probably always will. ‘Do you need a computer science degree to pursue a career in software development?’ As a degree holder myself, I believe that the overall university experience was more important to me than the certificate I received upon completion.  Since working for […]

Jaws: How not to get swallowed up in your job interview


Dun dun dun dun dun dun, you don’t want to be drowning in regret and swallowed up by the interviewer when you didn’t correctly prepare yourself for an interview! Here is a checklist to go through before an interview as you won’t have a lifeguard to save you from this one… Who are they? Firstly, […]

Not just another software development graduate scheme!

Are you in third year and stressing about what your next step is? If you’re in your final year studying Computer Science I’m sure you’ve noticed the abundance of graduate schemes out there that may be suitable for you, mainly for Software Development though I’m sure. But what if you want to do something else? […]

7 Ways to get a Higher Starting Salary as a Computer Science Graduate

If you are a graduate who has studied Computer Science or a similar degree you will be happy to learn that 2018 is one of the best times for you to secure a job. Demand for a technical skill-set like yours is high, and according to recent figures computer science graduates can expect to earn as […]

Maximise your chances of getting a Graduate role

Starting a career after university can be a challenging and stressful time. With almost everyone on your course applying for the same roles the need to stand out seems increasingly important, but how do you do it? Prepare your CV Properly Your CV is the first thing that a prospective employer will see, make sure […]

8 steps to settle into your graduate job!

Your first job role after University can come as a bit of a shock to the system. Gone are the days of sitting back in lectures in your oversized hoodie, putting off those essays until your deadlines are looming! All of a sudden you are thrown into a 9-5 (that’s if you’re lucky), having to […]

How to Shift from Student Life to Full-Time Employment?

You’ve spent the last few years with the freedom to spend your student days as you please…. And now that is all about to change. How do you feel? Excited? Nervous? Concerned how you’re going to cope with the differing circumstances? Well do not worry, as you’re not alone in this situation. Every year, thousands […]

Kick-Starting your Career in Software Testing – We Need to Talk About Grads

As a recruiter and a link in the Software Testing eco systems, I have noticed something worrying. Grads just don’t know enough about Software Testing. I am biased, as a Software Testing fan girl I naively thought it was a widely recognised career path and one that would appeal to many fresh out of Uni […]