10 Types Of Recruitment Software You Should Consider Using

Managing recruitment internally for an organisation can be a mammoth task. Not only are you dealing with those immediate vacancies, but you also have to nurture the candidate experience, ensure employees are settling in well and think about your long-term recruitment and employer branding objectives too. This coupled with the fact that many internal recruitment […]

6 Benefits Of Using Web Based Recruitment Software

If you think that web based recruitment software is just something used by recruitment agencies, then think again. More and more companies are utilising an ATS to help them work faster, smarter and to protect their candidate experience. In this highly competitive market, staying ahead of the competition is vital. Therefore, any systems or processes […]

Employee Recruitment: 7 Statistics That Will Shock You

Many companies use a combination of recruitment agencies, careers sites and job board advertising in a bid to attract candidates. While all of these can be an effective way to fill your vacancies, there may be something you are overlooking when it comes to Employee Recruitment: the employees who work for you already! Every single […]

Transform Your Job Advertising In 10 Steps

As soon as a vacancy arises in your organisation, be it through growth or an employee leaving, the first thing you are likely to do is advertise the opportunity. In today’s market “traditional” job advertising does not get the same results it used to. It’s no longer enough to copy and paste a job description […]