Companies who prioritise employee well-being

Up to 60% of people have long-term absences and leave their jobs in the UK every year due to mental health-related issues, costing the economy an estimated £99 billion a year, according to a recent CIPD survey. Employers are trying harder and harder to increase well being programmes and creating innovative approaches. Here are some […]

Give the Grads what they want!

Whether you are going out to market to find tech grads to join your development team or embarking on a dedicated IT graduate scheme in your organisation, there are a lot of things to consider. Graduates are predominantly falling within the Gen Z demographic, and what they are looking for in their first graduate role may differ […]

Not just another software development graduate scheme!

Are you in third year and stressing about what your next step is? If you’re in your final year studying Computer Science I’m sure you’ve noticed the abundance of graduate schemes out there that may be suitable for you, mainly for Software Development though I’m sure. But what if you want to do something else? […]

7 Ways to get a Higher Starting Salary as a Computer Science Graduate

If you are a graduate who has studied Computer Science or a similar degree you will be happy to learn that 2018 is one of the best times for you to secure a job. Demand for a technical skill-set like yours is high, and according to recent figures computer science graduates can expect to earn as […]

Most motivating factors for a role other than salary

A new job can offer you so much, a new working environment, new projects and of course a new larger (hopefully) pay packet. But is this all professionals care about in the modern working world?   ​ The days when providing single benefit packages such as ‘private health insurance’ and ‘childcare vouchers’ count as alluring are […]

The Pros and Cons of Graduate Schemes

If you graduated this Summer chances are you’ve been celebrating your results and taking some well-deserved time off while you think about your next steps in life. For many people this is entering the world of work, and as a graduate this often means applying to graduate schemes. Unlike entry-level roles that will consider candidates […]

Would these Employee Perks Attract Graduate Talent?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure great technical talent, so each year as a new round of graduates emerge from University, employers take the opportunity to snap up individuals with the skills they need. To bag the best you need an attractive offer, and that no longer just includes a great starting salary! To […]

5 Things Top Digital Talent Are Looking for Within Their Next Move… And How to Keep Hold of Them!

In an evermore candidate driven market it’s important to understand what entrants in the digital space are looking for.Whether or not your company can provide absolutely everything, playing to your strengths to ensure your brand attraction is as strong as it can possibly be, is vital. Although salary is an obvious benefit, there are many […]