Computer Science Degree – THE BIG DEBATE

So, the question that has been discussed for many years, and probably always will. ‘Do you need a computer science degree to pursue a career in software development?’ As a degree holder myself, I believe that the overall university experience was more important to me than the certificate I received upon completion.  Since working for […]

Top Universities for Tech

In the 21st century, we not only rapidly develop technology, but we incorporate it into many new aspects of our lives. We now live in the age of smart homes, self-driving cars and private spacecraft, and engineers are the ones who make these things possible. The schools on this list represent the best tech programs […]

Get prepared with Summer Internships

Beach at Sunset

After a long hard year of deadlines and projects the thought of completing a summer internship can be more than unattractive. There are so many reasons why it’s worth giving up a little bit of summer to benefit your future self. Here is our run down of everything you need to know when it comes […]

AI Graduate Careers Fair by EdIntelligence

AI Careers Fair

Searchability headed up to Edinburgh for this years EdIntelligence and AI Graduate Careers Fair. Alongside the big names such as Microsoft and Intel, Searchability set up their stall and got ready for their talk to Data Science Graduates. Many of the talks focused around how companies are using Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence […]

Job search trends to keep a look out for

As Summer 2019 fast approaches it’s time for a lot of University students to start looking for their first graduate tech job! When you don’t have prior experience of searching, applying and interviewing for jobs then it can be a pretty daunting experience, so we have rounded up 8 key job search trends within the […]

Creating the perfect onboarding experience – Graduate Edition

Graduate during the onboarding process

The candidate experience has never been so important within the world of recruitment. According to reports from LinkedIn, 60% of people say they have had a poor candidate experience in the past, and a poor candidate experience can drastically reduce your ability to hire both now and in the future too. Companies are making changes to […]

Give the Grads what they want!

Whether you are going out to market to find tech grads to join your development team or embarking on a dedicated IT graduate scheme in your organisation, there are a lot of things to consider. Graduates are predominantly falling within the Gen Z demographic, and what they are looking for in their first graduate role may differ […]

Not just another software development graduate scheme!

Are you in third year and stressing about what your next step is? If you’re in your final year studying Computer Science I’m sure you’ve noticed the abundance of graduate schemes out there that may be suitable for you, mainly for Software Development though I’m sure. But what if you want to do something else? […]

Graduate Q&A: Danielle Billings

Our Software Development Recruiter Hannah Warrenger caught up with Danielle Billings, a recent graduate who has started her first career in tech to find out what her advice would be for computer science students looking to start their career in 2019. Please introduce yourself and give a brief overview about your degree and your current role: I’m […]

Negative Perception of Millennials? Here’s Why You Need Them in your Workforce!

When you think of the word ‘Millennial’, what pops into you head? For many, negative descriptions such as egotistic, demanding and lazy come to mind. However, this is a built-up stereotype that’s created undesirable perceptions of the younger generation, especially when concerning the world of work! ​ Many opinions have been formed by following the […]