Team Engagement: Embrace LGBTQ+ Diversity and Inclusion

Large LGBTQ+ Flag in the Street

The month of June is widely recognised as Pride Month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or not you have probably noticed mentions of colourful Pride celebrations more and more across your social news feeds. Many companies have changed their logos into rainbow flags especially for the month of June but […]

6 things which are damaging your employer brand image

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As much as you might try to control your employer brand through conscious marketing efforts, it’s important to remember that your employer brand image exists as a result of experiences and perceptions from individuals such as your employees and potential candidates. You can develop a strategy to help shape these perceptions of course, however it’s up to […]

Building your Employer Brand – It’s more than just a logo

Positive employer branding helps to attract and retain quality employees, who are crucial to the success and growth of the business. At Searchability and our sister company JobHoller, we focus on engaging with both clients and candidates through social media and one-to-one consultancy. We have used blogging and social media since 2012 to humanize our […]

Should Employer Branding And Business Marketing Be Kept Separate?

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When it comes to employer branding there is often a great deal of confusion over who owns the process. Is it the responsibility of HR, recruitment, management or should it be looked after by your business marketing team? Employer branding and business marketing are two totally separate elements of your business, but in many instances, […]

Paid social media marketing techniques to attract candidates

Computer with Facebook Ads open

Pretty much every company has some form of social media presence for their corporate brand, and many have even created a standalone careers focused presence for their employer brand too. Brands love social media because it offers an incredible opportunity for brand awareness with 3.5 billion active users worldwide, but if you are only focusing […]

How to use Instagram to showcase your company culture

Instagram Logo

With a reported 1 billion active users, Instagram has grown into one of the most popular social media platforms today. It’s designed for a “mobile first” experience, with a focus on visual and in the moment experience, which are just some of the reasons that their users love the platform so much! An Instagram profile […]

Employee Motivation Mistakes That Are Making Your People Quit

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Employee motivation should be a top consideration for every organisation, it helps increase employee productivity, engagement and can often be the key to hitting your company goals! If you asked your CEO today if they would like to have higher productivity, better employee retention and bigger company success the answer would be 100% yes, yet […]

10 key lessons from this years World Employer Branding day


The JobHoller team are back in our Chester HQ after an incredible few days in Lisbon for the 2019 World Employer Branding Day, where we attended as Gold Country partners and delivered a workshop of our own to 270 industry leaders! We thoroughly enjoyed presenting our ideas around social media as a platform to attract and […]

The Chronicles of Narnia: Facebook’s technology fantasy land in the heart of London

Have you ever wondered what its like to work at Facebook? Facebook opened its first office in London ten years ago. Since then, the UK has played a central role in the development of some of Facebook’s significant global products like Workplace, which is used by 30,000 businesses globally including Virgin Atlantic and Deliveroo. Designed […]

Wolf of Wall Street: How to be remembered as the top dog

Wolf of wallstreet in the office

Adverts can stay in your mind for a while, but of course the whole point of an advert is to remember the company and be the market leader. A meerkat on your screen – comparethemeerkat, I mean or a big red lorry at Christmas – it’s got to be Coca Cola. Here is a […]