Wolf of Wall Street: How to be remembered as the top dog

Wolf of wallstreet in the office

Adverts can stay in your mind for a while, but of course the whole point of an advert is to remember the company and be the market leader. A meerkat on your screen – comparethemeerkat, I mean market.com or a big red lorry at Christmas – it’s got to be Coca Cola. Here is a […]

7 Things To Help You Discover Your Unique Company Culture

Your company culture is essentially the personality of your organisation. It exists already whether you know exactly what it is or not, and it can be instrumental in helping you attract and retain great people too. The problem is it isn’t always easy to pinpoint exactly what your company culture is. It’s intangible, you cannot […]

Using National Days For Your Employer Branding Strategy

National days are a funny old thing. They range from serious annual observances to the frankly ridiculous, and pretty much every day can be classed as a national day of some sort! As we write this today (February 20th) for example it is “National Love your Pet Day” and “National Cherry Pie Day”, and while […]

Top Facebook Management Tips For Employer Branding

With more than one billion people active on Facebook across the globe, companies are recognising the benefits of the platform for showcasing their employer brand. Promoting your unique brand and showcasing your culture to the right people can have a huge impact on your ability to attract candidates, but if you aren’t a social media […]

How Sky Are Nailing Employee Advocacy With #LifeAtSky

The employer branding landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years, and with more and more people spending time on social media every day, companies are recognising the benefits to be had from using social platforms for brand promotion. Pretty much everyone has some kind of employer brand presence online, but one area that is still […]

Dogs And Table Tennis – The Key To Employee Happiness?

There are plenty of things that contribute to Employee Happiness – Dogs and Table Tennis Tournaments are just a couple of them! No we haven’t lost the plot, we’ve just taken a look into a few things that can help transform your office mood from crappy to happy! ​ Monday mornings are pretty much the […]

The Best Tools For Measuring Employee Engagement

It’s reported that organisations with high levels of employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%, so if measuring employee engagement and finding ways to improve it in your organisation is not a top level priority then it’s time you made it one. Employee engagement is a property of the relationship between a […]

Start Measuring The ROI Of Your Employer Brand

When we come across companies that don’t invest into building a digital employer brand presence the only question really is why, why, WHY?!?! Often the answer is that companies are reluctant to allocate employees time and company budget without knowing what the ROI would be. However measuring Employer Brand effectiveness through tangible results is not […]

A Simple Guide To Building Your Employer Brand Strategy

Unless you are lucky enough to employ experts in Employer Branding at your company then chances are it’s not something that is at the top of your recruitment agenda. With the fight for candidates fiercer than ever you’re more likely focusing on those urgent vacancies, and in a lot of cases, using a large portion […]

How To Raise Awareness Of Your Employer Brand

One of the main complaints companies have, particularly SME’s, when it comes to attracting talent is that not enough people know who they are or what it’s like to work for you. Bigger companies tend not to have this problem, everyone has heard of them and as long as they get their recruitment marketing right, […]