Ada’s List

What is Ada’s List? Merici Vinton set up Ada’s List in 2013 as an email-based community for women working in technology and digital. Named for computing pioneer Ada Lovelace, the list currently has over 7,000 worldwide members, who get the opportunity to share job listings, announce conference panels and calls for submissions, get informal mentoring and share […]

How high street brands are becoming digitilised by women in tech

With the high streets being digitally taken over by the use of smart devices and direct delivery to your door, the retail world is undergoing intense seismic pressures. Alongside this innovation, lots of high street brands are coming to terms with restaurants, charity shops, estate agents, banks and more are having to adapt to these […]

CEO Women in Tech

More women than ever are looking for work within the technological field, this hasn’t always been a simple process. Whilst the tech industry continues to advance, there is still a fall behind on gender equality. For decades, the lack of females in the STEM fields has been a subject of controversy. Women and advocates have […]

The Inspirational Women of Tech History

Womens History Month Feature Picture

With March being Women’s History Month and the month of International Women’s Day many of us have been reflecting on the women who inspire us, support us and paved the way for us to live more equally. STEM industries have developed some incredible innovations over the past decade. With lots of inspiring woman helping with the […]

Podcasts to inspire Women in Technology

Whilst the world is full of madness and the majority of us are working from home or self-isolating, what better time to start listening to an inspiring podcast to keep you on track. They’re informative and interesting…and probably a better use of your time than a yawn-inducing playlist you have had on for the past […]