Give the Grads what they want!

Whether you are going out to market to find tech grads to join your development team or embarking on a dedicated IT graduate scheme in your organisation, there are a lot of things to consider. Graduates are predominantly falling within the Gen Z demographic, and what they are looking for in their first graduate role may differ […]

How to Effectively Select the Best of the Best Graduates!

Thousands of graduates entering the market. Now this sounds like perfect news for hiring managers, however, it’s more of a challenge than you think to select the right candidate for your company. All companies have varying demands and some candidates will be more suitable for you than the next company, and that is why you need […]

Would these Employee Perks Attract Graduate Talent?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure great technical talent, so each year as a new round of graduates emerge from University, employers take the opportunity to snap up individuals with the skills they need. To bag the best you need an attractive offer, and that no longer just includes a great starting salary! To […]