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Battle of the Best: Our Top 5 Games of 2019

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The infamous top five! Let’s be honest, it’s a personal choice and no one will ever agree on the perfect order for the top five games of 2019, let alone all of all time. 

We can all agree however, that there have been numerous amazing games released this year, so check out our Top Five and see what you think!

Number Five:

An old-time classic concept made new! Super Mario had an overhaul and came back improved with this second version. With both ‘maker aspect’ and ‘story mode’, gamers are able to switch between sides creating their own challenges or battling against Nintendo.

Number Four:

This western themed game took game players by storm with the action-adventure story line. Breaking multiple records and receiving high praise from critics worldwide this prequel is a hit for gamers and the industry. Get on your horse and get playing!

Number Three:

Considered by some as the best game of 2019 due to its high difficulty throughout, Sekiro has many other action features that put make it great! With an immersive storyline and breathtaking graphics. If you have the time and focus we highly recommend this game!

Number Two:

In many ways this is the yearly champion of games, returning each year with the same success and high sales. Released across all major consoles, FIFA has been played by everyone at some point in their life. It’s reported that since it’s release FIFA 19 has sold over 20 million copies.

Number One:

A remake of the classic game, Resident Evil 2 has taken 2019 and the gaming community by storm. The perfect mixture of survival horror, nostalgic game play and modern graphics create a game that everyone has been obsessed with. 

For more top games of 2019 and beyond check out some of our favourite sources such as Games Radar, Thrillist, Wired and Mashable UK.

Written by: Rosie Bancroft

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