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Back to the Future: Wearable Technologies

Back to the Future Picture

As technology becomes more sophisticated many companies are finding ways to integrate smart devices into our everyday lives. Whilst they are more common place now with many people owning some form of wearable tech, we have compiled a run-down of a few of the items available in 2019.

Smart Watches

As the most in demand type of wearable tech, smart watches can be found easily and at a range of prices. Smart watches provide a whole host of features such as tracking GPS location, physical activities, linking to your phone, playing music and even contactless payments.

Some of the most popular Smart Watch brands include:


All rating’s have been decided based on information from TechRadar.


Another item that is already well known and easily available within the wearable tech industry are headphones – but as our devices progress so do our headphones! Wireless headphones may have been around for a while, even progressing onto smaller and more powerful editions such as Apple AirPods

Air Pods
In-ear translation buds
Image from TechCrunch

Many tech guru’s think there is still room for improvement including real-time in-ear language translation… just watch this space.


They might remind you more of Spy Kids than cutting edge technology but 2019’s edition of headsets and sunglasses are cooler and sleeker than ever before. With Bose creating their first ever smart sunglasses the previous Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens editions are lacking the modern look.

As VR headsets and high spec wearables begin to come converge we can expect the release of many more products, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens Sydney.

Spy Kids
Bose Sunglasses
Image from Bose


For many people wearable technology can have much more than an aesthetic benefit with assistive technology bridging the gap between health issues and reliable solutions. New ‘hearables’ are wireless in-ear computation earpieces and can be used for a variety of reasons.

Two of the main benefits being noted include:

  • Reduced Stigma – Using Hearables allows people with hearing loss to engage in conversation without having an obvious aid that other people can easily see.
  • Health tracking – The position of Hearables in the body mean that we can monitor many vital signs without more invasive measures, such as heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure with the potential for much more!
Hearing Aid

There are so many more wearables available to suit all sorts of specific needs and desires and we are sure that as the market becomes increasingly accessible we will see an increase in the innovative and unusual products available.  

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