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Agency or In-House – which is the environment for you?


Agency work consists of you working on a particular product on behalf of another business, person, or group. Working in an agency will provide you with constant variation both in specific projects but also in the industries that your projects are based. As a result you will get a wider understanding of what it means to work within your IT domain and which sector you like to specialise in.

If you are developing at a junior level this can play as a huge element in helping you decipher which sector of IT your like to work with. For example, as a Software Developer you will soon distinguish if you enjoy creating eCommerce platforms or internal systems. Equally if you are at a more senior level, such variation in clients and projects can keep you on your toes ensuring that you’re never bored, whilst also delivering gold standard service.

A key part of the agency environment that you cannot overlook is the pace of the working environment. The speed at which each project will be required is much faster than those of in-house, remember you are working to the clients deadline rather than your own. Whether you work on multiple clients projects or focus on one at a time, you will be at the mercy of how and when they want things done. If you love to be in a fast-paced, ever changing environment then this will suit you fine, but be aware, if you like to plan your own time and processes this pace may destroy your schedule.



In-house allows you to work solely on your companies bespoke product. Securing an in-house position will allow you to dedicate both time and knowledge to your companies projects and tech stack. You will be able to specialise in a sector and technology making yourself more valuable to companies that focus on similar areas.

Your creativity will come hand-in-hand with increased responsibility as your company is dependant on you for the development of their core product, and as part of an in-house team you will have more responsibility for your level of seniority. You are allowed to add your own creative spin on a project as you don’t have to stick to a criteria set by your client, increasing the responsibility for the success of that element.

A key part of the in-house environment is that you are completely immersed within the business element of our organisation. All you work is for the wider vision of the company so you will feel more included in the aim and impact that your project will have.


How do you choose?

As you have probably gathered, the choice between an agency or in-house environment is more of a personality fit rather than career choice. At a junior level it may be worth trying both in order to have a clearer picture of which environment suits you.

As you move further through you career it’s worth remembering that you will produce your best work in an environment that helps you thrive and stay enthusiastic, allowing you to constantly flourish and learn whilst making an impact on the company.

If that’s a fast-paced ever-changing company then agencies will probably be your thing. If however you enjoy a focused and stable environment then in-house teams are probably your best shot.
Remember every organisation operates differently and the main features of either environment may differ, so do your research. Asking colleagues, previous employees and even your recruiter about the structure of the team, company and projects will help you identify any features that differ from your standard agency/in-house environment.

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