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Advice for people starting a career in Technology

Are you looking to embark on a new career in the tech industry? The sector is growing at a crazy rate, with 1.56 million people in the UK now working in tech, offering a multitude of roles to suit every skill set. If you think you can see yourself taking this route then you have picked a promising path to go down.

The tech sector is a rapid growing market. The industry offers great employee benefits, fancy working environments, well paid salaries and job satisfaction. Every company is different and has their own unique set of advantages. So now you know you want to try out the technological field, but which role are you going to specialise in? One of the most difficult things can be deciding which route to go down. There are a few things you will need to consider before deciding on which role is the best option for you.
Here are 5 tips to help you when beginning a career in the tech field:

Tip #1 - Set yourself up with the best domain for you

There are so many different fields in the tech industry, it is important you do your research and discover which domain applies best to you. If you are going to take up a career in something new then you need to ensure it is going to be enjoyable, pick a domain that will be best suited to you and be known for it. If you set your mind to something, anything is possible.

Tip #2 - Build your online developer profile

Developing an online profile will give employers an insight to the skill-set you have. It will save time for both yourself and the employer regarding the interview process as it will determine if you are a good fit for a position. This will prevent you from wasting time on the wrong role. LinkedIn is a good platform to start building your profile, recruiters are always on the look-out and you will be able to put yourself out there for employers to reach out to you. Creating a social media account will have a similar effect, as it allows you to put you to connect with employers and businesses. Not only will you be connecting with possible employers, but this will also give you the opportunity to build relationships with people already working in the field. So create your profile and push your coding regularly.

Tip #3 - Always network

Networking is so important. It will allow you to connect with people for jobs, and it will help you form relationships with developers who could one day be a useful source to you. The best part about it, is that majority of networking is for free. The more time you invest in this will determine what you will get back in return. Networking allows opportunities to present themselves at unexpected times so the more you open yourself to these opportunities, the more beneficial it will be for you during your career. 

Tip #4 - Learn the fundamentals

Most companies will usually take on someone with a better understanding of the fundamentals of a particular domain. If you are looking at going for a Web-Developer role, you will need to know the basics of coding and markup language. You will need to be skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SEO. Once you have a great knowledge of these skills, it will make it easier for you when you are in the process of learning new frameworks such as ReactJs, Vuejs or Angular.

Tip #5 - Stay in the know

Being current is beneficial in any line of industry, especially in technology. You need to understand your industry as it will help you tailor the right step to take next. You can keep up to date with the following websites, Techcrunch, The Register and BBC news Technology. There are so many more useful websites out there, you just need to keep up to date with what the tech sector is doing and where it plans on heading. 

So if you think that the technology industry for you then follow these tips to help lead you in the right direction, whether it is a career in a digital role, developing or testing. Ensure you use these helpful guidelines to get the best possible outcome for your career.

Written by Shannon Davies

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